Example of using Contentful as a data source for a Gatsby site

Gatsby's integration with the Contentful Image API

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The gatsby-source-contentful plugin offers full support for Contentful's localization features. Our sample space includes products localized into both English and German.

An entry and asset node are created for each locale following fallback rules for missing localization. In addition, each node has an additional field added, node_locale so you can select for nodes from a single locale


Playsam Streamliner Classic Car, Espresso
Hudson Wall Cup
Whisk Beater
SoSo Wall Clock


Playsam Streamliner Klassisches Auto, Espresso
SoSo wanduhr

The src for this website is at https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby/tree/master/examples/using-contentful

The Contentful site that is providing the data for this site is at https://discovery.contentful.com/entries/by-content-type/2PqfXUJwE8qSYKuM0U6w8M?delivery_access_token=e481b0f7c5572374474b29f81a91e8ac487bb27d70a6f14dd12142837d8e980a&space_id=ubriaw6jfhm1